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 Providing information to the Little Neck and Douglaston community with listings of organizations, businesses, announcements and events.

Real Estate

Arash Real Estate Co.
251-12 Northern Blvd. Little Neck, NY 11363
(718)279-0300 Fax (718)224-9695
 Email info@arashrealestate.com 
Thinking of selling your home? 
Let us show you our proven techniques for selling your home quickly at the highest price!  More than 25 years experience.
Specializing in Little Neck, Douglaston & Great Neck.
Alina Yukhtman
250-02 Northern Blvd, Little Neck, NY 11362
Doug-North Realty
44-29 Douglaston Parkway, Douglaston, New York 11363
(718)423-1700    Fax: (718)23-1703
Celebrating our 25th year serving Douglaston, Little Neck and the surrounding communities!!
Laffey Fine Homes
255-01 Northern Blvd. Little Neck, NY 11363
acandan@laffey.com  (718)224-3900, Fax: (718)224-7086
 Full Service Real Estate Company / Notary Public / First Allied Mortgage Bankers( Affiliated With Wells Fargo)
E-Realty Title Company. Specializes in Residential Sales, Co-ops, Condo's, Rentals, Commercial and Big Project Conversions and Sales
Little Neck Realty
251-21 Northern Boulevard, Little Neck, NY 11363
littleneckrealty@aol.com  (718)224-0300  Fax: (718)224-0552
Station Realty of Douglaston
42-32 235 St. Douglaston, NY 11363 (718)279-4800

Heather & David Sinbela  Realtors




Last modified: 04/15/19

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