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 Providing information to the Little Neck and Douglaston community with listings of organizations, businesses, announcements and events.


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Join the LittleNeck.net� web site, now!

The purpose of joining LittleNeck.net is to establish a presence within the Little Neck and Douglaston community, increase exposure and recognition of your business or organization.

bullet If your business or organization is located in the Little Neck or Douglaston area (11362 or 11363 Zip Code), the cost to list your business or organization in the LittleNeck.net  directory  is "FREE". 
If your business or organization is not in the 11362 or 11363 Zip Code area the cost may be as low as $99.00 per year which Includes:
bullet A listing on a directory page with name, address, phone/fax numbers and an image or logo.
bullet A paragraph with your company's or organization's information.
bullet And as a special courtesy we will link to your web site ( if you have one).
bullet Additional marketing services offered:
bullet Banner ads.
bullet Discount coupons.
bullet Website hosting at LittleNeck.net.
bullet Web site design with your own domain name for as low as $199.00 
including a Free domain name registration for the first year

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