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Please Join Us!   The Udalls Cove Preservation Committee (UCPC) cordially invites you to become a member.  UCPC is a volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation, conservation and restoration of Udalls Cove, and its associated wetlands and wooded uplands.  Much of the area is now protected as the Udalls Cove Park and Preserve, managed by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.   But there is much more to do ... read on!

Our Mission: Formed in 1969, UCPC has been working ever since to conserve, preserve and restore the last remnants of undeveloped marshlands, shoreline and wooded uplands in the Udalls Cove watershed.   We have achieved many of our goals: most of the area is now fully protected; the restoration of Aurora Pond is completed; we've finished numerous other restoration projects valued at over $185,000 since 2004; and breeding pairs of ospreys occupy both nesting platforms we've built.  But there is still much to do.  Actual acquisition of several pieces of property within the Preserve boundaries has not yet occurred, and threats from over-development continue.  UCPC's top priority is to complete the Park.  UCPC promotes environmental awareness and conservation education among the young people of our community.  And additional restoration projects are underway and planned at Virginia Point, in the Ravine and around Aurora Pond.  But we can't do it alone  we need your help to continue and complete this work.  Please become a member today!

Annual Cleanup:   Since 1970 UCPC has sponsored an annual cleanup of the wetlands, woods and shore.  The cleanup is held every year in April or early May. Join your neighbors as we clean our little corner of the world.  Meet at 10 a.m. on Sandhill Road (known locally as "the Back Road") just west of the Little Neck LIRR Station.  Wear work gloves, boots & long pants; sun screen & bug juice advisable.  Bring the kids & stay for our free picnic lunch at noon at Memorial Field in Douglaston.

  Please Join Us. We Can't Do It Without You!

Regular Membership: $10; Family Membership: $15; Sustaining Membership: $25;

Sponsor: $50; Champion: $100.  (All contributions are fully tax deductible.)



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Mail to:    Udalls Cove Preservation Committee, Inc.

251-31  42nd Avenue, Little Neck, NY 11363


Would you like to receive occasional e-mail updates on important issues concerning Udalls Cove and our local environment? 
If so, please give us your e-mail address (we will not share this with any other person or group):


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