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Annual Cleanup

    Every Spring since 1970 the organization has sponsored a cleanup of the wetlands, woods and shoreline. 

During the first year�s cleanup, some seventeen car wrecks were hauled out, along with literally tons of other refuse.  Fortunately, those days are past.  In recent years the cleanup crews have been occupied primarily with collecting the large quantities of (mostly plastic) refuse that floats in on the tides. 

    The 2020 Cleanup -- our 51th annual -- will be held on Saturday, May 2,, starting at 10 a.m. All are invited. Meet near Aurora Pond on the Back Road (Sandhill Road), just west of the Little Neck railroad station; then join us for a free post-cleanup picnic lunch at Memorial Field in Douglaston.

Contact Us

Udalls Cove Preservation Committee, Inc.
251-31 42nd Avenue
Little Neck, N.Y. 11363

Walter Mugdan, President
(718) 224-7256

Gloria Bodie, Executive Director
(718) 631-9475

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