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Photo Gallery

Marsh Marigolds in the Ravine

Cub Scout Pack 183, who helped out cleaning up litter ... in the rain!

Trash that Cub Scout Pack 183 hauled out of the marsh during our annual cleanup on April 12.

Udalls Cove from Aurora Gareiss' home named "Bit 'O Bay"

The Cove from Virginia Point

Ruins of old boatyard at Virginia Point

2004 Wetlands Cleanup

2004 Wetlands Cleanup

2004 Annual Meeting. From left: Sen. Padavan, Mayor Bloomberg, UCPC Pres. Walter Mugdan, Assemblywoman Carroza, Councilman Avella

Installing another osprey nesting platform, 4/17/04

Ospreys building a nest on the new platform, 5/16/04

Early Frost, Virginia Point

Former Boatyard Site, Udalls Cove

Stream Near Virginia Point

Aurora Pond Restoration Underway

Early Spring at the Edge of the Marsh

Aurora Pond Restoration, April 2006: Nearly Complete

Osprey Pair on Udalls Cove Nest, April 2006

Inside the Osprey Nest

Aurora Pond Restoration -- Completed at Last!

Aurora Pond, Looking East

Aurora Pond, Looking North
Douglaston Community Church Youth Group removes invasive plants near Aurora Pond, 10/21/06
Sunset Over the Cove

Gabler's Creek in the Ravine

White Oak tree donated by Douglaston Firehouse
Head of Udalls Cove
Evening on Udalls Cove

Aurora Pond Overlook
Scout Troop 183 After a Day of Tree Planting, 10/21/06
Cleanup 2006: Before ...
Gabler's Creek in Fall, near Aurora Pond

Memorial Day Parade 2006 -- UCPC President Walter Mugdan, recipient of Douglas S. MacKay Community Service Award
Cleanup 2006: ... and After
NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe and City Councilman Tony Avella join UCPC and Local Leaders for Aurora Pond Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, 10/23/06.

Scout Troop 183 Spreading Wood Chips

2009 Clean up
St. Anastasia Work Crew

2009 Contest Winners

Great Blue Heron at Aurora Pond. Photo by P. Reinharz

Troop 10 Virginia Pt. Work Crew 2009

Kingfisher at Aurora Pond.
Photo by P. Reinharz

Cormorant at Aurora Pond.
Photo by P. Reinharz

Mallard & Green Winged Teal at Aurora Pond. Photo by P. Reinharz

Alex Yee's Virginia Pt. Trail Project, 2009

Virginia Point Restoration 2009

Egret at Virginia Point
Photo by Ray Mochizuki

Osprey at Virginia Point 2
Photo by Ray Mochizuki

UCPC-Memorial Day Parade 2009
Townshend Harris 
Cardozo High Green Cross Club volunteers
 restored trails around Aurora Pond, Nov. 2011.
Osprey with fish 
Osprey with fish at Virginia Point;
photo by Peter Reinharz.
Removeal of rubbish 
Millen Rastogi and Scout Troop 183 removed loads of rubbish from Old Oak Pond, Earth Day 2012.
Svensson's Boatyard 
Svensson's Boatyard at what is now Virginia Point; painting by Ed Trosset.
Kevin Chen with 183 
Kevin Chen and Scout Troop 183 planted
3 large trees at Virginia Point, Nov. 2011.

Restored Trail at Osprey Landing 
2013-029 2013-034
2013-049 Udalls Cove from Virginia Point
Udalls Cove from Virginia Point
Osprey with Fish
Photo by Ray Mochizuki
Redtail Hawk
Photo by Ray Mochizuki
Osprey in Flight
Photo by Ray Mochizuki

Heron on Aurora Pond 1, by Bruce Smith
Heron on Aurora Pond 2, by Bruce Smith
Udalls Cove By Bruce Smith
Udalls Cove
By Bruce Smith
Hooded Merganser on Aurora Pond
Hooded Merganser on Aurora Pond
Redtail Hawk at Aurora Pond
Redtail Hawk at Aurora Pond
Gabler's Creek 
Gabler's Creek in Winter
by Pat St. John
Moonrise udalls cove 
Moonrise over Udalls Cove
by Pat St. John

Udalls Cove Preservation Committee, Inc.
251-31 42nd Avenue
Little Neck, N.Y. 11363

Walter Mugdan, President
(718) 224-7256

Gloria Bodie, Executive Director
(718) 631-9475

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