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Two young men from Great Neck�s Boy Scout Troop 10 have brought hundreds of hours of volunteer labor to the task of restoring the Virginia Point portion of Udalls Cove Park and Preserve.  


William Choi and Alex Yee both completed Eagle Scout projects in cooperation with the Udalls Cove Preservation Committee (UCPC).  


On November 21 and 22, 2009, Alex Yee brought a large crew of workers � including scouts, friends and parents � to build the first section of what will be a series of foot trails planned for the Virginia Point area of the park.  Nearly 300 linear feet of foot paths were built during the two-day effort.  In addition, the volunteers removed over 6 cubic yards of rubbish from an area where a garage had once stood many years ago.  The rubbish � including about a dozen old tires, truck parts, and a rusted refrigerator � was located in a densely wooded area far from the street, and only became accessible through the construction of the new trail. 


In June, 2009 William Choi mobilized his large crew of helpers to spend two long days cleaning a corner of the park and installing over 100 linear feet of attractive, rustic split rail fencing.  Many of the same scout troop members participated in both projects.


These Eagle Scout projects complement a major UCPC restoration project carried out at Virginia Point during the last two months of 2009.  That work was performed just a block north of where Alex, William and their teams worked.  It involves removal of invasive weeds and replanting with dozens of appropriate, indigenous plants and shrubs; the project is described in a separate news story posted on this site.


To earn his Eagle Scout badge, each young man had to prepare a detailed written workplan for his project, and submit it for review and approval by the appropriate Scouting authority.  An Eagle Scout project must involve at least 100 hours of volunteer labor; both Alex and William, through their work crews, provided well in excess of that minimum amount of time.


UCPC purchased the split rail fencing installed by William and his team.  The New York City Parks Department provided the large volume of wood chips used by Alex and his team to cover the new trails they built.  The beautiful results of their efforts can be enjoyed near the intersection of Little Neck Parkway and 34th Avenue in Little Neck. 


William�s project defined and beautified the entry to this part of the Udalls Cove nature preserve.  Alex�s project established the first three hundred feet of what will eventually be a network of trails winding throughout this interesting area.  More than 1100 additional linear feet of trail have been laid out and cleared by UCPC volunteers, but more work remains to be done to improve these trails and make them more easily accessible.  UCPC looks forward to working with other aspiring Eagle Scouts to complete this trail system.                 

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