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Storm Wreaks Havoc in Virginia Point Area of Udalls Cove Park

On June 24, 2010 a powerful storm � possibly a tornado � swept through our area. The storm started near the Throggs Neck Bridge; it�s path took it across Little Neck Bay, then through the northern end of Douglaston Manor, then through the Virginia Point section of Udalls Cove Park, then on into Great Neck. From there it jumped across Long Island Sound and ended in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The storm did significant damage wherever it passed. Many large trees were uprooted or lost large branches. In Virginia Point, at least 40 trees were knocked over, several of them more than thirty inches in diameter.

Virginia Point is the area of the Park located near the northern terminus of Little Neck Parkway. Until about 1960, two commercial boatyards operated there. Over the past half century, wilderness has reclaimed this lovely area.

UCPC started its Virginia Point Restoration Program in 2009. A section of split rail fencing was installed at one of the entryways to this area of the park, located at the corner of Little Neck Parkway and 34th Avenue. UCPC laid out and commenced construction of a system of footpaths through the area, and built a footbridge over a small stream that flows through the area. (These projects were carried out with the support of several boy scout troops.) And UCPC invested over $17,000 to remove invasive vegetation from a parcel overlooking Udalls Cove and replant with appropriate native species of trees and shrubs.
Trees downed in the June 2010 storm blocked all entrances to the footpaths, and damaged a number of the plantings UCPC had installed.
UCPC plans to hire a tree contractor to clear the fallen trees from the foot paths. The trees will be chipped, and the wood chips will be used to cover the trails and mulch the plantings. Additional new trees and shrubs will be purchased to replace those lost at the restoration area. The work is expected to be done in late Fall of 2010.

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