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North Shore Lodge #824

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Meets on 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month, at 7:45 pm at
Harvest Mission Center 54-47 Little Neck Parkway Little Neck, NY 11362

The Knights of Pythias is an international non-sectarian fraternal organization. 

Our motto is
bullet The Friendship explains itself.


bullet The Charity we do is to aid many recognized charities,
both national and local, both large and small.
bullet Benevolence is to both our members and outsiders.
For our members we provide life and death benefits.

At the present time we are looking to expand our rolls and are looking for men eighteen (18) years of age and above.
We have many social events throughout the year for both members and guests.
At some we raise money for charities and some are free or break even.
If you are interested in more information you can contact:

The membership chairman Ronnie Degen at:
or Izhak Sirota at:


Schedule of events

* Meeting dates and locations are subject to change.

1 Regular Convention
15 Holiday Party 7:30-9:45 Open

5 Regular Convention
19 Regular Convention
26 Executive Convention

2 Regular Convention
23 Executive Convention

1 Regular Convention
15 Regular Convention
22 Executive Convention

5 Regular Convention
19 Regular Convention Bingo Night - Open
26 Executive Convention

3 Regular Convention - Memorial Night - 1st Nominations
17 Regular Convention - 2nd Nominations - Elections
24 Executive Convention

7 Regular Convention
21 Installation Large Room, Open



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